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Flowers for every season

By Bride and Groom 09 December 2019

In years gone by people knew which flowers were in season by what they saw in gardens, but now that people are looking to the internet for inspiration for their floral arrangements expectations have changed.

bride and groom chatted to florist, Nicole Henderson, from Flowers on Melville in Numurkah, about which flowers are available in each season and how the internet has changed the way brides-to be plan the flowers for their wedding.

​​​​​“The popularity of flowers and designs on social media, and sites such as Pinterest, drives the fashion in bridal flowers,” Nicole said.

“Most flowers are now available for longer periods due to artificial growing conditions and the ability to have flowers flown in from around the world if necessary.”

Chrysanthemums, roses and carnations are available year-round and come in a huge variety of colours to complete any arrangement.


Brides planning a summer wedding can choose tuber roses and dahlias, though the season for dahlias is quite short and can vary by about two weeks from year to year depending on the weather.

Hydrangeas are also in season but they can be prone to wilt if the weather is very hot.

Smoke bush, snowberries, delphiniums and golden rod can offer interesting texture and colour.


Many people prefer to hold their wedding in autumn when they can expect milder weather.

Nerines come into season around April. These elegant flowers come in a wide variety of colours and are great for creating colour accents.

Traditional daffodils, erlicheer, hyacinths and jonquils come into season in the following months.

Popular peony roses can be imported from the Northern Hemisphere summer.


Freesias have always been popular in winter wedding bouquets, for their range of colours, graceful form and beautiful perfume. They are available throughout winter and into spring.

Anemones are a winter flower that can create a bold splash of colour and poppies, available at this season, have a different, but equally eye-catching colour palette.


Spring is traditionally a favourite time for weddings.

Old-fashioned cottage garden blooms such as delphiniums, foxgloves, lilac, lavender and lily of the valley all come into flower at this time of year if a bride is aiming for a traditional look.

Copper beech is available through November and December and can add a bold splash of colour or combine well with other foliage and blooms to create a rustic-looking bouquet

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