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Giant letters as decoration - LOVE

By Bride and Groom 28 June 2016

Love is the key word on your wedding day, so it makes sense to spell it out big enough for the whole world to see. 

Hayley and James Harbrow did just that. The couple hired 1.8m-high letters spelling out ‘love’ and had them sitting by the riverfront at their wedding ceremony, at Morning Glory Resort in Moama on November 7, 2015. 

“They were in where we had the ceremony, alongside the river, so while all our guests were waiting for the ceremony to begin they all took photos around them,” Hayley said. “Just going through Facebook they have got them as their cover photos and stuff like that. “It’s nice to see not only the memories me and my husband and the bridal party have with them, but also the guests.” 

The use of giant letters as decorations and photo props was a growing trend, GV Party Planners owner Jonelle Arnold said. “They are nice and eye-catching at the back of a garden ceremony, we’ve done a couple where people have used them for their photos — their bridal party have actually sat in them,” Jonelle said. 

The letters can be easily customised to suit any wedding style or theme or to create a certain mood. “You could drape lights, you could lay flowers across them, and even if you wanted to get a little creative you could lay some tulle or material,” Jonelle said. 

Despite any theme or style, Hayley said at the end of the day weddings were all about love. So to have it spelt out in giant letters while the pair exchanged vows topped off the ceremony. “Our decision to hire the six-foot letters not only lifted the mood at the ceremony but also encouraged the inner children of our guests, creating some of the best photos and laughable moments,” Hayley said.

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